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AMCS’ teknologi bibringer din virksomhed signifikante forbedringer. Et udsagn, som vi beviser hver dag. Innovation, der redefinerer ”skræddersyet til affald” med dens optimerede nøjagtighed og effektivitet. Læs om alt dettei AMCS’ nyhedssektion.

11 apr 2018 00:00

11 apr 2018 00:00


Unlocking value with subcontracor automation



Wednesday, April 11, 2018 - 2:00PM ET / 11:00AM PT 

This webinar will explore how recent advances in technology are enabling a new wave of innovation in subcontractor automation.

By utilizing cloud technology every aspect of subcontracting can now be automated, from issuing new orders and jobs to receiving confirmations and invoices great advances in efficiency are now available.


Morgan Lynch is Global Head of Digital Engagement for AMCS Group. With over 20 years’ experience in process automation in the retail and banking sectors, Morgan has brought his focus to the Waste sector where he is committed to replacing manual and paper-based processes with digital alternatives.


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Ideal for subcontractors and other parties, the Partner Engagement module provides a digital and real-time exchange of information with the supply chain.

Integrated into a fully comprehensive solution, the cloud-based Partner Engagement module is future proof. The solution automates each stage of the partner lifecycle from initial sourcing to managing jobs and invoicing.

Typical Benefits

Automating how you engage with partners brings many benefits including:

  • Better quality, real-time, information available to you
  • Savings of 20% on subcontractor costs
  • Savings of 60% on job processing costs
  • Savings of 80% on invoice processing costs

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